What to Avoid for Better Teeth & Breath

Besides taking care of our teeth by brushing and flossing we also need to be aware of the foods that we are eating and what we are drinking since it could turn out to be harmful to the enamel as well as leave us with bad breath.  Dr. Nicholas Toscano explains in this article, 7 […]

tooth tattoo

The Art of Dental Tattoos

Not sure why anyone would do it but getting tooth tattoos seems to be a growing trend in dentistry.  It can be placed in any of the tooth you have using a crown or pontic (fake tooth that replaces the missing one) on a bridge. The steps are quite simple.  Inquire with your local dentist […]

Break the Bad Oral Care Habit!

Did you know that a lot of little things you do (or don’t do) on a day-to-day basis affect your teeth’s well-being and may fall under a list of bad oral habits? These include not brushing or flossing enough, eating too many sweets too often, or even using your teeth to open a bag of […]

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tooth fairy

Teething: A Child’s Rite of Passage

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), the average age children start developing their primary teeth is between 4-7 months with a full set completed by the age of 3. However there are cases where a child doesn’t start to develop until they’re one year old so don’t panic if you don’t see any teeth […]

Dental Floss vs Waterpiks

Such is a dilemma. Even if you brush twice a day religiously that toothbrush isn’t going to be able to go in between your teeth and under the gumline to get rid of the plaque and food debris that’s stuck there. There are two things that can help. Dental floss and Waterpiks. However many people […]


Regulating Dental Laboratories

Dental laboratories have been experiencing a sort of consolidation into bigger companies as the ones that are making profits are able to purchase smaller ones who make less profit and older dental technicians retiring. Dental laboratories are entities not overseen by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) even though they deal with materials that affect […]

How to resolve conflict with your dentist

When visiting your local dentist, matters of disagreements can arise especially when it comes to expensive treatments. If you are not happy with the results of the procedures, the first thing you should do is it to speak to your dentist directly. More often than not problems can be easily resolved in this manner. The […]


cantilever dental bridge

Dental Bridge: A Link To A Better Smile 1

The most common way of replacing missing tooth or teeth is by having the dentist place a dental bridge to fill in that gap.  There are currently several types of dental bridges. A Regular or Traditional Bridge is made up of at least one pontic (a fake tooth) to replace the missing tooth and 2 […]

Sugar and Starch Are Not So Nice (For Your Teeth) 1

Bacterium is a naturally occurring microorganism in our mouths.  They usually aren’t harmful unless they start mingling with the starches and sugar leftover in your mouth after eating.  Then they start producing an acid, which then breaks down the enamel and lead to tooth decay. Sweet Sugary Foods You have probably been told since childhood […]


carrots and celery

Foods That Will Keep Your Mouth Nice And Healthy

Firm or crisp foods such as raw apples, carrots, jicama, and celery help to clean the teeth. They basically scrub against your teeth scraping some of the plaque that have built up. Not only are they a natural toothbrush, some are naturally high in fiber. Chewing also increases saliva production. Remember not to chew on […]