It’s My Tooth

It’s My Tooth Whether it happens naturally or by accident, losing a tooth can be a bit scary or surprising.  Here are some causes and remedies to get over life challenges. Adventures Adventures in childhood could cause some serious havoc on teeth.  Whether as toddlers, learning to crawl, walk or run, there is the potential […]

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19 Things That Make You Go “Ooh!”

There are quite a few reasons why we end up with tooth decay and if not prevented using early intervention, it means a trip to the dentist.  Here are some of them: 1. Hard Ice Eating ice might seem harmless, after all it is calorie free. However, eating hard ice can chip or crack your […]

Mini Dental Implants

For those looking to replace one or two missing teeth one good option to try are Mini Dental Implants. The mini dental implants serve the same purpose that a regular traditional implant serves but has more benefits. It is important to note it still requires an artificial tooth or crown to replicate the feel of a […]

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Need Braces? DentalSave To The Rescue!

Today’s society is all based upon making that first impression. When you make a great first impression then people are going to notice and be more interested. Your smile is one of the big factors in making a great one so we are obsessed with making sure we have that perfect smile. One way to […]

Giving Back To The Community

Everyone always complains how expensive the cost of dental is. So it is quite refreshing to see one dental group give back to the community. Avon Dental Group (ADG) of Avon, CT has donated scholarships to high school students in their local area. They started donating 11years ago through Avon Dollars for Scholars. ADG offered […]

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Back to school? Make sure to impress with pearly white teeth!

Stained teeth can hurt a great smile. But, you can try and prevent that from happening by monitoring what you eat and drink. Some foods and drinks stain teeth; others can help keep your smile bright. Here are some tips on how to keep your teeth stain-free: Foods That Stain Your Teeth Remember, anything that […]

Reminders For Parents When School’s in Session

School’s almost back in session and parents are running around frantically trying to make sure their kids have all their things ready for the first day of school.  With so many things to do, one thing parents usually end up pushing in the back of their mind is their children’s dental health.  Mornings are a […]

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An Apple a Day May Keep the Dentist Away

Dietary habits of schoolchildren encourage an increase in sugar intake leading to a greater risk of cavities, reports the Academy of General Dentistry. Over a 15-month period, researchers tracked the dietary habits and monitored the teeth of preschool children before and after the start of school. Results show that decayed, missing or filled teeth and […]

What Dentists Can Tell About Your Health Just By Looking In Your Mouth

It’s interesting to note that your dentist is able to get clues to your overall health simply by examining your mouth. Not only can they tell if you have oral cancer but they are able to get hints of pregnancy, anemia, stress, diabetes, and even lupus. An article by Kevin Loria of Business Insider explains […]

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What to Avoid for Better Teeth & Breath

Besides taking care of our teeth by brushing and flossing we also need to be aware of the foods that we are eating and what we are drinking since it could turn out to be harmful to the enamel as well as leave us with bad breath.  Dr. Nicholas Toscano explains in this article, 7 […]