Managing Your Finances: Summer Living Expenses

taking a bite out of your dental bills

Spring cleaning? Check. Renewing your gym membership? Double check. Personal finance evaluation? Silence, huh? Don’t worry, you’re one of many Americans who might not realize the importance of fiscal house cleaning. It’s  far from a conscious decision, but the truth is we do tend to slow down on our spending…

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Healthy Memorial Day BBQ Recipes


  We’re excited about the unofficial start of summer. Here’s a look at some recipes to try this Memorial Day weekend and all throughout the summer. They’re all under 500 calories per serving too, except for the dessert, of course. 

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Mothers have shaped our lives, our personalities, and have guided us from the moment we entered this world, crediting our mothers and showing appreciation should be something we do at every opportunity. Here are some fun gift ideas to pay tribute to these amazing people in our lives, our mothers.…

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Cinco De Drinko: Alcohol and Oral Health

May 5 is a regular day for some, but for others, it’s a day of drinking and (sometimes) debauchery whose after-effects are more often than not translated into splitting headaches, general misery, and hindsight regret the following morning. Formerly known as “Cinco de Mayo,”what is it called now if not…

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2015 Summer Blockbuster Movies

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Summer 2015 is here! OK, maybe not quite yet, but we’re excited about all the fun things that are expected to happen. From summer concerts, music festivals and new album releases to limited engagement Broadway shows and the Special Olympics World Summer Games – there’s plenty to do. But the…

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The Hookah Smoking Trend: Things You Need To Know

Hookah smoking delivers a powerful addictive drug called nicotine, the same toxic chemical found in as cigarettes. Some might consider this practice less harmful than smoking cigarettes, but it actually comes with many of the same health risks as cigarettes and possibly worse! College students and people of younger generations are…

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